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Open Shelving – nothing leaner…..

From the open shelving on the wall to the silverware on the counter, eliminating doors on residential cabinetry may be trendy right now, but it is also very Lean too! The idea behind this concept is to use open shelving for the items you use most.  If you find yourself reaching to open a cabinet door a few times a day, chances are, you will benefit from open shelving.

Everyone runs their kitchens differently. For us, we serve the food on the plates immediately. Thus having them at an arms reach of the cooktop is imperative. Notice the silverware on the countertop.  Probably the most opened drawer in our last kitchen.  Keeping this on the countertop all the time is not only more convenient, but it is a visual reminder that the silverware (& plateware) needs to be washed or emptied from the dishwasher.


In the photo below, you see the cooking utensils in a ceramic jar, it is sitting on a lazy-susan base so we can grab that tool quickly that always seems to be in the back of the jar 🙂 The knife block holds only knives used for cooking, all steak knives are hiding away in a drawer. Tammy always keeps that little plate on the counter for the stirring/mixing tool that is currently being used.  It just helps to keep the countertop clean.













So, what are the Attributes of Lean/Waste here that were solved?
• Transportation –  This certainly decreases the transportation of moving around your kitchen ware & not to mention the food!
• Inventory – This open shelving method helps you keep a                      visual  inventory of everything.  You will know it is missing before you start cooking.  There is no excuse!
• Motionopening/closing doors & reaching in awkward places        for silver & plate ware are no longer a problem
• Extra-processing – Extra processing can include things like opening/closing doors & drawers, taking out plates & bowls form cabinets & re-locating them to counter.  Going on that hunt for the missing silverwareOverall, you always want to decrease your movements, therefore saving in processing!