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LEAN coffee?

How can this coffee maker be LEAN you ask? For one simple reason… The water is “hard piped” in. We will never again need to pull off the container, bring it to the sink, and fill it up again!The amount of time this saves, is incredible! Especially for a house full of coffee drinkers!


Attributes of Lean/Waste:

  • Motion – Motions no longer used are walking the water reservoir from under the coffee maker to the sink, standing there waiting to fill it, then again walking it back to the coffee maker & putting it back in place.
  • Waiting – This saves an easy 2 minutes per day of re-filling! (although it seems like so much more…)
  • Transportation – A hard piped coffee maker eliminates the transportation between the sink and the machine
  • Extra-Processing – Just count all the steps that were eliminated in this process, so much more time to just enjoy your cup of coffee!



We used Kuerig model 150-P
Although this is a commercial grade coffee machine, don’t let anyone tell you can’t put it in your house! Also dont forget to add a good pre-filter system, the minerals in the water are no good for the machine.