Pot Filler LEAN

Attributes of Lean/Waste:

  • Motion – Motions no longer used are walking the pot from under the cooktop to the sink, standing there waiting to fill it, then again walking it back to the cooktop to be boiled.
  • Waiting –  Sink faucets have aerators which slow down the water flow. Typically, Pot Fillers do not, therefore speeding up the pot filling process
  • Transportation – A Pot filler eliminates the transportation between the sink and the cooktop
  • Extra-Processing – Just count all the steps that were eliminated in this process, look at all the extra time you have to write about it now!

Add all this with the storage of the pots within reach of the cooktop & the built in sink colander just a step away as you can see here, and we have just saved a whole lot of time!


If you have ever filled a pot at the faucet and walked it over to the cooktop, then you will agree, a pot filler will make it easier!



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