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The Metal finishing

Every project we do, commercial or residential, we see more and more custom metal products mixed in with the wood products.IMG_0837.JPG I personally love the look of wood and metal together. It may be trendy right now, but I think they complement each other well. Ultimately we did not want to add another color or finish in the kitchen, so we decided to finish the custom metal brackets and frames to match the cabinet hardware.

Top Knob Brand Handle

Top Knob Brand Handle


The first thing I do when I get metal work back from my fabricator (Classic Welding in North Haven, CT), is wash it down with a cleaner that is adaptable to finish.

I will do a final wipe down with this product. Glasurit 360-4 Metal Cleaner

I only do a light sanding, I don’t want to take away from the look of the metal. I want the the welds & inconsistencies to come through the paint.  I sprayed it first with a rust-oleum aged copper paint .

It is very important to let it dry overnight in a properly heated area.

Give it a light rub with fine steel wool. Then use a tack cloth to wipe it down.

Then I sprayed it with a walnut brown paint. While it’s wet, I’ll take a rag on my finger and wipe the corners to show the copper thru. Inconsistency is key, after all, it is metal.

Be sure to wipe the paint immediately, it dries fast!


This  handle is the look I am trying to achieve

Again, I let it dry overnight in a properly heated area. 

I like to go through and enhance any of the areas such as the welds or other corners with sandpaper and rub it through a little further. 

Used a 220 grit sand paper on corners, then went over it with fine steel wool

Again steel wool to rub it down and then tack cloth it again. I use a satin clear top coat to protect the finish, it gives it that professional look when done. 

Notice I chose MATTE – I am not a big fan of glossy materials, I think it takes away from the natural beauty!

Here are some shots of the completed metal work installed:


 Another side note, the Blacksmith bolts I used were purchased here.

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